Energise your marketing with powerfully effective custom content written specifically for your target audience.

Our Pick Your Writer process makes it fast and easy.

Whether you need insightful or humorous blog posts, interesting articles for your newsletters, spectacular emails with fantastic subject lines, persuasive landing pages, high response opt-in pages or anything in between …

We’ve got you covered.

And the best part? Because the needs of our customers always come first, you get to choose the exact type, style and level of writer to join your team.

At Content Labs, we supply quality content to a variety of content publishers. Our clients span the spectrum of industry and include small and medium sized businesses, the Fortune 1000, entrepreneurs and startups.

To service our growing client list, we’ve developed a super easy “Pick Your Writer” process to give you exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.

Our process is different and here’s why …

A lot of writing agencies pretend to give you a “choice”. (What they really mean is you get to choose between lousy quality writing, rife with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes or not-quite-as-lousy quality writing with less spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.)

That’s not the type of “choice” we’re talking about.

In fact, when it comes to writing quality, we don’t give you a choice. It’s always going to be exceptional.

Our core product is clear, concise writing. That’s why every piece of writing we send you will be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors and accurate. We guarantee it. [link to quality guarantee]

But we understand your content needs vary across projects and marketing campaigns. That’s where the Pick Your Writer process comes into play. There are three levels detailed in the matrix below.

  Writer Writer + Writer ++
Perfect spelling Yes Yes Yes
Perfect Grammar Yes Yes Yes
Search engines love it (SEO and SEM friendly) Yes Yes Yes
Well researched and accurate Yes Yes Yes
Penned by an industry expert with real world experience No Yes Yes
Provides thought leadership and expert analysis, positioning your brand as an authority No Maybe Yes
Contains persuasive direct response rhetorical devices and calls to action No No Yes
Includes graphics No No Yes

Our writer levels are based on the needs of your target audience and your marketing campaign. Here’s the detailed breakdown of each writing level and the types of content and audience best suited for each:


Content generated at this level is great when you have a subject or topic that’s not too complex and your audience wants a quick and entertaining read.

Readers at this level may already know you and subscribe to your email list or frequent your blog.

Examples of content include:

  • A casual blog post to recap recent news or events in your industry
  • An interesting article for a newsletter
  • Blog posts with up to three keywords

Choose this level and get started today. [link to order page]

Writer +

Content generated at this level is interesting, informative and aimed at readers who may have professional experience in your field or a vested interest in acquiring knowledge in a particular domain.

Readers at this level may be in the beginning or middle stages of your marketing sales funnel. They’re curious and looking for answers to specific problems.

Examples of content include:

  • Articles you can publish on your website or in your newsletter
  • White papers that brush the surface of an interesting topic/subject/problem and encourage readers to connect with you to find out more about your product or service
  • Blog posts that sound like they were written by someone with real world experience
  • Blog posts with four to six keywords
  • Product descriptions with up to six keywords

This is what I’m looking for. Let’s get started! [link to order page]

Writer ++

Content generated at this level provides in-depth analysis, includes sourced statistics and may deliver actionable insights.

Readers at this level are looking for thought leadership. They have problems for which your product or service specifically provides the solutions. They may be at any stage of your marketing sales funnel.

Examples of content include:

  • Articles you can publish on your website or newsletter
  • Articles you can send to industry websites or online trade journals for publication with your byline
  • Blog posts that dive deep into issues
  • Comprehensive white papers with strong calls to action
  • Persuasive landing pages
  • Emails for a marketing campaign for a product launch
  • Landing pages and opt-in pages designed to get a reader to take immediate action like sign up for a list or buy a product
  • Lead magnets like eBooks and infographics that contain useful information that builds your brand in the reader’s eyes

I need expert level insight and highly persuasive copywriting. [link to order page]

Is there something you want, but don’t see on the list? Do you have questions about content marketing strategy and which type of writer to choose? Need general advice on how to accomplish your marketing and sales goals using content? Our content strategy experts are standing by and would be happy to talk to you. [Link to help or live chat]

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