We Believe Buying Excellent Content at an Excellent Price Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Content Labs was created by a group of expert content marketers (a.k.a. marketing nerds) to fill a growing need in the content marketing industry.

As content marketers as well as consumers of content, we noticed a sharp decline in the quality of highly informative, engaging content online. And marketing statistics proved us right.

Study after study showed the effects of low quality marketing materials like articles, blog posts and landing pages:

  • brands irreparably tarnished
  • incoherent marketing messages buried in torrents of mediocre copy
  • readers clicking away from purchase decisions

Why? All because of poorly written, poorly conceived content.

And as hardcore content marketers, we just couldn’t simply stand by, witness the carnage and do nothing. So we put our heads together to come up with a solution.

To make an impact, we knew our solution had to be dramatically different than the hundreds of content creation services on the web. After all, we’d seen the results of their work and it wasn’t pretty. We knew our solution had to be distinct and set apart.

At the end of 2016, the idea for Content Labs was born.

And we must be doing something right.

Every week we receive glowing testimonials from clients like you who were previously burned by so-called content service providers to thank us for our commitment to producing entertaining, engaging and high quality content their readers love.

And for us, there’s no higher praise.

Look, you wouldn’t pay for a watch that consistently runs twenty minutes behind, making you late for appointments. You wouldn’t buy a car you can only drive during the day because the headlights don’t work. And you shouldn’t buy content that you have to rewrite or content that people click away from after reading the first two sentences.

We’re adamantly opposed to content providers who force you to choose between quality and price. That’s why unlike them, we guarantee the quality of everything we produce.

We designed our content service with you in mind. There’s no complicated matrix with asterisks and tiny footnotes to leave you confused and bewildered. Ordering from us is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. A few simple clicks and you’re done.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. [link to ordering page]

We’re more than content providers. And we see you as more than just another client. We think of you as a partner. And we want you to think of us that way too.

No matter what your content needs are, we have expert writers ready and willing to put your needs above everything else. Our goal is to help you take your content marketing to a new level. Whether you need to generate more leads, close more sales or simply enhance your brand in the minds of your customers, we can help.

We’re so sure you’ll love or work that everything we create is backed by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re ready to publish engaging, informative and insightful content, why wait? Get started publishing the type of content the search engines and your readers will love. [link to order page]